ProUsys partners with Cisco and HPE to provide end-to-end network solutions including Datacenter, Cloud, and Software Defined Networking (SDN). ProUsys understands that legacy networks can limit efficiency and growth, in today’s environments companies need to increase agility and reduce costs.


Cisco has been widely recognized as the industry leader in networking and security technology for decades. Their products are critical to the operation of the cloud, shaping the Internet of Things and protecting businesses from industrial-scale security threats. Used together they simplify and automate network operation, embed security through the entire networking stack and provide insight for smarter decision making.


Widely regarded as the market leader in Campus LAN for Access and Distribution Layers as well as Core Networking in the datacenter, ProUsys’s team of Cisco experts can implement and optimize your company’s switching infrastructure to enable your users and customers access to the information they need.


WAN and SD-WAN technologies enable companies to be more agile in connecting not only cloud-based infrastructure to their on-prem datacenters and users, but also serve as a platform for connecting any user, on any device, anywhere in the world. ProUsys has a team of experts around SD-WAN that enable businesses to stay connected – to their customers, internal IT, and cloud-based infrastructure.


Cisco pioneered centrally managed WLAN controllers and continues to be a market leader in this space. Their best-in-class WLAN technology enables total control and visiblity into rogue access points, while providing robust and secure access over a wide physical area. With a focus on controller-based WLAN, their simplified management enables a feature rich architecture that is easy to manage, reliable and scalable.


Meraki’s simple, cloud-managed offering is a go-to solution for distributed retail environments with many sites. By integrating this simple, distributed infrastructure with customer development resources from ProUsys, companies large and small are getting more and more creative in engaging their retail customers – developing new offerings to stay competitive in today’s hyper-competitive retail space.

Why ProUsys for Cisco:

ProUsys’s team of Cisco professionals have the expertise and resources to deliver almost any solution from the Cisco networking and security portfolio. Acknowledged as pioneers, ProUsys specializes in combining Cisco’s best-in-class hardware and software with the latest thinking to create highly secure networks that automate tasks faster and enable new services or applications to be deployed easier and faster than before.

Aruba HPE:

Aruba has been a long-standing Gartner Market Leader in the wireless LAN space

Aruba Wireless Access Points – Enterprise Mobility

Aruba’s 802.11n & 802.11ac wireless access points offer faster application performance and advanced capabilities when handling latency-sensitive applications such as High Definition video. Employing a number of innovative Aruba Networks technologies, Aruba Wireless cloud-managed access points ensure consistently predictable WiFi network.

Aruba/HPE’s range of both Instant and controller-based access points offer businesses robust, high-performance WiFi access at an affordable price. Whether centrally managed or operated in instant mode, Aruba APs – with Clientmatch Technology – ensure that all enterprise users benefit from the best possible Wi-Fi coverage through intelligent access point selection and RF monitoring.

Many businesses are experiencing a shift away from traditional working hours as employees look to take a more flexible approach to the workday. Aruba RAPs (Remote Access Points) eliminate the requirement for onsite technical resources with their simple set-up and role-based security and access.

Controller Managed Access Points

Aruba’s patented Clientmatch technology safeguards end-user experience by matching the client to the best possible access point at all times, with no performance degradation as a result of roaming throughout campus networks. Providing unprecedented operational flexibility, Aruba access points can be deployed and controlled either locally or remotely by Aruba mobility controllers – or for smaller architectures – can be configured in controller-less, Instant Mode.

When integrated with Aruba Mobility Controllers, Aruba wireless access points provide the enterprise with centralized network configuration, data encryption, policy enforcement and network services, as well as distributed and centralized traffic forwarding.

Seamless Network Infrastructures with Aruba Mobility Controllers

Aruba Wireless LAN controllers are designed to unify your enterprise network, delivering mobility, security, and remote networking capabilities, whilst providing secure network access for users independent of their application, device or location.

The Aruba wireless controller range is perfect for deployment in a range of business environments from retail stores to large, campus-wide, environments, integrating a wide array of features such as policy enforcement, firewall, VPN server, intrusion protection and RF management. Not only this, the same features are applicable across wired, wireless, VPN and remote offices, creating an improved user experience irrespective of their connection medium.

Why ProUsys for Aruba HPE:

As a trusted partner it is our aim to provide Aruba HPE customers with the best possible service, advice and support. Our technical team is constantly improving their knowledge and skillset and are proud to be partnered with Gartner’s leading wired and wireless network solution provider.