Achievments In Safety

ProUsys overriding commitment is to the safety of our employees and our customers. While productivity and quality are important, safety performance is a core value that only allows us to perform the work if it can be done safely. ProUsys will not compromise safety under any circumstances. This vision has produced superior safety results by devising and implementing a comprehensive Safety and Loss Prevention/Control Program that encompass continuously improving corporate safety goals. We call this our “System of Operating Excellence”.

The SOE Framework

The SOE Framework is a set of ten elements with expectations designed to balance risk and profitability.  It is an investment for the long term that demands short term performance. The elements of this framework range from our core safety and environmental programs, to processes that cover leadership, commitment, management of change (MOC), risk awareness and auditing among others.

Our HSE Commitment

Our Safety management systems are founded on the belief that ALL incidents and occupational injuries can and must be prevented. The President sets the expectations and performance standards to assist ProUsys leadership teams and their employees to continue to improve